why join a ham radio club?

Joining a ham radio club is a great way to meet and network with fellow ham radio operators. The other members in a club have a wealth of knowledge. They can help you get started in your ham radio journey.

ham radio clubs in central minnesota

The St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club fulfills the needs and goodwill of the general public in the field of communications in time of natural disasters, such as in tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and at the time of any other emergency that may occur.

This club teaches the young, the old, and the handicapped how to be radio operators, and how to obtain their amateur radio licenses. This will be done at their club location, in the schools of the community, and anywhere that we are invited.

The St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club is a highly motivated club that serves the needs and goodwill of the community, and the general public around the greater St. Cloud area.

The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club Our club is comprised of approximately 90 members from various backgrounds who all share interest in the hobby of amateur radio with its many facets. Members of the BARC enjoy anything from High Frequency (HF) DX (worldwide) communications using Morse code or voice, to other members who enjoy the public service aspect of the hobby by participating in severe weather nets or community event communications. They offer education and training during monthly meetings and provide amateur radio license testing to people interested in getting their license.

The Crow River Area Amateur Radio Club is based in Hutchinson, MN and is focused on VHF/UHF repeaters and public service communications.  They are established to help promote and perpetuate amateur radio by means of community service such as support of emergency communications and other activities that contribute to public interest, convenience, welfare, and safety. They also aim to present fellowship and training for hams around Hutchinson while helping members grow in their skill and enjoyment of amateur radio.

The Mora Open Repeater Association Incorporated is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit Amateur Radio organization based in Mora, Minnesota.

They are dedicated to the growth of amateur radio in Kanabec and surrounding counties of East Central Minnesota.

MORA is a public service-oriented organization. They support a two meter repeater in Ogilvie. They also support each other by sponsoring amateur licensing classes, testing sessions, and Skywarn training programs and by providing assistance to all amateur radio operators in their area that request or need help.

The Runestone Amateur Radio Club (RARC) is a nonprofit amateur radio organization dedicated to assisting the community through radio communications, and the enjoyment, appreciation, and the sharing of knowledge and advancement of amateur radio.

They run several repeaters around the Alexandria, MN area and are active in maintaining both analog and digital repeater systems.

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Not finding a local club in your area? Wondering where to turn next for help? Join the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server. Discord is a messaging platform you can download on your desktop or mobile device and connect with other hams across Minnesota today!